Some pics of my other classic SAAB

My daily driver is this 1992 SAAB 900T. We picked it up for $800. It's currently got a little over 200K miles on the odometer. Just after we bought it we spent around $600 in necessary repairs; new exhaust, new ball joints, new breaks, tune-up etc. I also replaced the turbo with one I had on hand and put in a Comm Ed APC setup (red box, 2.8bar FPR, 010 distributor). It has it's original automatic tranny which is still functioning perfectly--I did give it a complete fluid change and band adjustment.

In the Fall of 2008, I gave her a cosmetic overhaul. I added the SPG panels, side vents and whaletail. I had the SPG panels from my old Comm Ed, and I picked up an unused whaletail and side vents on ebay pretty cheap. I modified and painted the whaletail to look like a 2-piece OEM tail. I replaced both doors, as the originals had some rust issues. Minor rust and dings were repaired on the rear quarters and hatch, and those areas got fresh paint. The SPG panels, bumpers and bumper extensions were painted gloss black/clear coat to match the car, and the embossed areas were painted OEM anthricite grey semi-gloss. I also picked up a $400 parts car which had an immaculate tan leather interior. I swapped that into the car (the car originally had taupe leather that was in fair shape). I also reconditioned the standard asymetrical wheels and added a wind deflector. Now the car is not only reliable, it's a looker too.

Like with all classic SAABs, I've still got a short punch list of to-do's, but the car is still a very reliable daily driver.


Click images below to see a larger version.

1993 CE Interior
1993 CE in New York c: 1993
1994 CE interior
The new tan interior
1994 CE Front
New tan interior
1994 CE Engine
Two-tone bumper
1994 CE Engine
The SAS whaletail
asymetrical wheel
Reconditioned asymetrical wheel
Armrest with cup-holder
Padded armrest with slide-out cup-holder
Armrest with cup-holder
New amber fog light lenses
Armrest with cup-holder
New stainless exhaust tip.