This image shows my custom-made gauge panel, pull-out cupholder, short-throw shifter and walnut shift knob. The gauge panel has been painted with black wrinkle finish paint to match the console. It has an analog boost gauge, an analog fuel pressure gauge, a Dawes Devices air/fuel ratio gauge (the LCDs), and a switch for my intercooler fan. The cupholder has a walnut burl faceplate to match the OEM dash and ashtray. The walnut shift knob was turned on a lathe to match the OEM style knob, and and the disk from an OEM shifter was inset into the top.


Here is a photo of the complete dash.


This is my custom glove box door. I took a standard glove box door from a pre 1992 car. I soaked it in near-boiling water to loosten the adheesive, then I peeled off the face pad. Then I cleaned off the glue residue from the door front and the face pad with WD40. I filled in the dimples on the door face (the reason that these doors get blisters) with bondo and sanded them flush. I masked off the area around the "900" and spray painted it silver. I then masked off everything but the long channel and painted that a tan color. When that dried I stained the painted area with a coat of ZAR cherry stain. Once that dried I added a burl texture by blotting on ZAR rosewood stain. Once that dried I coated the area with epoxy bar finish. Finally I sanded and polished the rim around the "900" and the newly-painted channel to make it black (originally it was silver). I then applied contact adheesive to the door front and the original face pad and reapplied it. The simulated walnut matches the dash and I have no blisters in the face pad.


I re-padded and refaced the door inserts and speaker covers with black microsuede fabric for a sportier look.


I had these mats made special order from G. G. Bailey. They are a division of RaceMark International, the company that makes the OEM Saab mats. Unfortunately they would not put the Saab logo on them for me because of copywrite restrictions. I settled for 900CE.